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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Misc art close to the heart

More art! Well, one fan art of a youtuber, Markiplier. 
It was his birthday recently, so I thought it'd be nice to wish him..
with art >_>;; heh

Markiplier©Mark Fischback

And original art to finish.. I wanted to practice background
and character interaction without making it look misplaced!

So far so good! ´w`9

art and stuff©Sara Z.A

Marvel fanart times ´w`;;

Drawing production is kind of slow these past few months..
It doesn't help that I'm busy with personal health and fam stuff

but I'm not complaining ´w`;;
Here's are two Marvel movie portrayal's I enjoyed!

 I enjoyed Tom Hiddleston as Loki Laufeyson for a short period
before his fan girls ruined everything /:

 Michael Fassbender's Magneto is my all time fave so far! @ u @;; 
I'm biased as I love MF but he is next best to Ian McKellen uwu;

Magneto & Loki©Marvel
art and stuff©Sara Z.A

Monday, 25 May 2015

Sketch book 5

I always wondered how do you post sketchbook drawings?
Do you just slam several in one post and hope for the best? D:
I hope I'm doing this right! 

this drawing is actually interesting.. this gentleman was everywhere in the store I was in.
So I had to be creative and construct his face from every angle, direction and distance I saw him!
He turned out to look pretty accurate 0:

my daddy ;-; He flew back home yesterday.. I miss him already ;-;

this lady had so much hair on top of her it was unreal 0:

And that's most of the drawings I care for! Well,, for now.. /:

I am definitely going to continue drawing wherever I go!
I'm flying back to my country this Thursday so I'll have time to draw flight sketches! :)

I'm not looking forward to the flight, but wish me all the luck! 23 hrs, here I come ;-;/

Take care guys! :)

Sketch book 4

After a long break from sketching people, 
I was lucky to find myself at the One World Trade Center.
Bustling with families with children, I managed to grab a few sketches!

This girl was rummaging in her dad's backpack but it was a child's backpack on a grown man
so cute ;-;

the child in her pram was furiously eating something. or.. eating at something furiously.. one of those

this guy's head was interesting 0:

Next post will have the remainder draws! :)

Sketch book 3

Excuse my lack of lower body and profile drawings..
I wanted to capture the character of the person rather than pose. :U

Joe Cascia, a dear junior friend who took a class with me! :'D

Mark Minnig, our saviour at the animation department ;u;

Brooke from Disney TV gave us a talk and was lovely ;u;

Sketch book 2

These following images are from the life freshmen life drawing class
I used to TA for! Boy I cannot tell you how I miss those days! 
And the kids and my professor ;-;

this drawing was giving issues, hence the colour pencil drawings.

ghost hand studies are a must.

More to come! :)

Sketch book 1

It's been a while weeeh

I've been horribly busy ´w`;;

I have a sketchbook that I've been working on since last year
and it's progressing!

so I'm going to put up sketches that I feel
are worth showing nyuck nyuck

You will get to see my confidence in lines, media
and just drawing in general :0 I'm also trying to reduce
the number of lines I use to draw a person :0